After thirty years at the helm of positions, founding editor Tani Barlow steps down, and Suzy Kim takes the wheel as editor. Like the rest of the journal's work, the transition has been animated by mutual mentorship and collective responsibility to continue the journal's remarkable journey. Among our many topics of conversation, we include reflections on the first three decades and futures ahead.

Suzy Kim: In the twenty-year anniversary interview published in positions volume 20, issue 1, you stated that the greatest achievement of the journal was to “open a relentlessly productive venue of experimentation” (Karl et al. 2012: 351). Would you still describe it that way? Are there specific moments that come to mind from the last thirty years that have stayed with you?

Tani Barlow: Relentless, yes. I still believe that journal publication has a relentlessness that other venues do not because we publish one thousand...

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