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Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts must conform to the guidelines in the MLA Handbook (Seventh Edition), with in-text parenthetical documentation and a list of works cited. In addition, all manuscripts should be typed with size 12 font, 1 inch margins, and double-spacing. Informational footnotes should be kept to a minimum. Though we do not maintain formal length requirements, the editors recommend that all manuscripts remain within the range of 20–32 pages, including footnotes and works cited. Novel reserves the right to return submissions that do not meet these specifications.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically along with a cover letter containing all relevant contact information (e-mail, mailing address). Please name your submission in this format: <last name, first name, date>. Example: Armstrong, Nancy, 12-3-15. Name your cover letter in the format <last name, first name, date> Cover Letter. Example: Armstrong, Nancy, 12-3-15 Cover Letter. Electronic copies of the manuscript and cover letter should be sent in PDF format to

All submissions received will be acknowledged via e-mail upon arrival, and all official correspondence regarding the editors' decisions will also be sent by e-mail. Please keep us apprised of any anticipated changes of address or contact information.

Novel's three-stage review process typically takes 12–16 weeks, allowing time for processing by the editorial staff, an initial editorial review, evaluation by external specialists in a relevant field, and, finally, review by the editorial board. Novel does not return or reconsider rejected manuscripts.
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