The Venture Capital State is Robyn Klingler-Vidra's latest contribution to the field of venture capital policies, investigating diversity in the Silicon Valley venture capital policy amid convergence in East Asian countries.

In this book, Klingler-Vidra persuasively demonstrates why the contextual rationality approach best accounts for the distinct venture capital policy formulations that took hold in different jurisdictions, rather than the conventional or bounded rationality approaches, or state-of-the-art diffusion scholarship. The contextual rationality approach suggests that distinct constitutive and regulative local norms drive policy makers to pursue locally appropriate venture capital policies.

Klingler-Vidra's thesis develops in an orderly, logical, and clear manner throughout the eight chapters of the book. After highlighting the puzzle identified and the argument raised in the introduction, she explains her contextual rationality framework in detail, emphasizing its difference from conventional or bounded rationality approaches and state-of-the-art diffusion scholarship. Given the general lack of coverage of venture capital...

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