In a thoroughly researched and original work, Miriam Kingsberg Kadia makes a substantial contribution to the field with her biography of the ethnographer Izumi Seiichi. The genre of biography in Anglophone Japanese history has been neglected after the cultural turn, and this monograph is especially welcome in the East Asian science studies field because we know little about the career trajectories of the academics, scientists, and technocrats we often study.

According to Kadia, US Occupation authorities encountered their Japanese counterparts in the late 1940s and noted that they were “men of one age.” They had been born in the early twentieth century, attended university together, served the Japanese Empire during the Fifteen Years War, and were at the height of their careers. Into the Field focuses on the most influential representative of the “men of one age,” Izumi Seiichi.

Izumi maintained a professional and international network of friends and colleagues,...

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