Music—“just a sweet pressure of the air”1

But for music to once again turn into air after two and half millennia of notes and six hundred years of sheet music, a media war was and is necessary.2 It was started by Wagner's furious host:

Furious host, wild hunt, locally also known as the army of Wode or Wuotis, army of anger or rage, wild retinue, or simply wild huntsman, is according to German legend a host led by Wotan (hence the name) or a large retinue of ghosts, that, seldom seen and frequently heard, rushes through the air with terrible thunder. The legend, which reaches far back into antiquity, is based on the notion that the souls of the departed move through agitated air. To this day tradition links the wild hunt to the nightly thunder in densely wooded areas. . . . Instead of the ghostly animals...

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