A roundup of Charles Bernstein's interviews outside the US: (1) “Interview with Romina Freschi” (Argentina, 2005), previously published only in Spanish; (2) “Frequently Unasked Questions,” with Versatorium (Austria, 2011), previously published only in German in Der Standard; (3) “Interview with Philip Davenport” (England, 2012), focusing on the marginalization of radical formal poetry in the US versus the UK; (4) “Interview with Maurizio Medo” (Peru, 2014), previously published only in Spanish, focusing on the importance of Cage and Mac Low and the problems with the designations “experimental,” “representative,” and “failed”; (5) “Interview with Alcir Pécora and Régis Bonvicino” (Brazil, 2014), on the “infranatural” and echopoetics; (6) “Indigo: Interview with Paata Shamugia” (Georgia, 2016); (7) “Project Transcreation Interview with Runa Bandyopadhyay” (India, 2019); (8) “Interview by Habib Tengour in Pour ainsi dire,” a collection of Bernstein poems translated by Tengour (Algeria, 2019), previously published only in French; (9) “Interview with Mariano Peyrou” (Spain, 2020), previously published only in Spanish in El Mundo.

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